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Conférences publiques

Patrícia Barbas e Diogo Lopes Arquitectos - Portugal
mardi 15 octobre 2013 à 18h30, entrée libre

Barbas Lopes Architects was established in 2006. The office has realized public and private buildings, single-family housing, interior renovation and exhibition designs. It also collaborated other with architects, such as Peter Märkli and Gonçalo Byrne. Barbas Lopes Architects recently concluded the Reconversion of the Thalia Theater in Lisbon. Nominated for the Icon Awards 2012, Design Awards 2013 and Mies van der Rohe Award 2013.

"Facing the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal has an architectural tradition of great richness. To use an expression of Álvaro Siza, architecture remains for us a poetic profession. Projects and buildings must express this cultural need, to improve reality. Their economy of means relate to another local concept, of plain architecture. The ability to do more with less is an asset when resources are scarce." Barbas Lopes Architectos

conférence en anglais


Since last year Studio EAST (EPFL/ENAC) has been organising a series of open lectures with the aim to present individual practical approaches of architects from different European countries. Each semester 5 offices are invited to present 3 of their projects. Those 3 projects are thought of as milestones that should represent the parcours of the office. The aim is not only to present architectural interventions but also to focus on the internal and external conditions of their development: the backstage of the architectural fabrication. Furthermore the insight into the different working methods and the story behind the formation of the office provides a good opportunity to learn about the different ways to start and lead an architectural office.

Previously 5X3 organised lectures by Salto Architects - Tallinn, AWG - Vienna, Boltshauser - Zürich, Klaus en Kaan - Amsterdam and Staab Architekten - Berlin. For the upcoming semester Studio EAST is pleased to announce 5 new lectures by Barbas Lopes Arquitectos - Lisbon, Bruno Fioretti Marquez Architekten - Berlin, GENS association libérale d'architecture - France, Fuhrimann Hächler Architekten - Zürich and AMUNT Architekten - Aachen/Stuttgart. Starting this semester a new collaboration with the Forum d’Architectures de Lausanne will provide the opportunity to open the lectures to a wider public and to create a new link between students, architects and the general public. The lectures will be held in English (with the exception of the lecture by GENTS) followed by an open discussion.

La série de conférences publiques 5x3, organisée par le Studio EAST (EPFL-Section d’Architecture), vise présenter l’approche pratique singulière d’architectes. Chaque semestre, 5 bureaux présentent 3 projets: la toute première réalisation et deux autres projets comme les jalons d’un parcours.
Au cours de leur conférence les architectes présentent leurs interventions architecturales, tout comme les coulisses de leur fabrication. Ces conférences sont aussi une occasion de découvrir comment, dans différents contextes et selon des géométries variables, les architectes invités ont constitué leur bureau et comment ils l’ont fait évoluer.

organisation : Studio EAST (EPFL-Section d’Architecture)