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f'ar événements 08.04.2014 // Conférences publiques
08.04.2014 // Conférences publiques

LVPH ARCHITECTES // Laurent Vuilleumier, Paul Humbert
mardi 08 avril à 18h30, entrée libre, conférence en français

Having finished their studies at the EPF Lausanne Laurent Vuilleumier (1971) and Paul Humbert (1971) made their first professional experiences abroad namely in Portugal, Germany and Azerbaijan. On their return to Switzerland they associated in 2002 in order to establish a common working structure in a disused barn in the village of Pumping in the district of Vaud. In 2010 the studio grow up and an office was opened in Fribourg. This organisation allows them to act as well in the French as in the German part of Switzerland. After experimenting with small-scale projects strongly related to nature, several successful competition entries allowed for bigger scale constructions. They focus their practical researches on housing and transformation of existing buildings. Paul Humbert currently teaches architecture at Ecole d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de Fribourg.

organisation : Studio EAST (EPFL-Section d’Architecture)