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f'ar événements 12.05.2015 // Conférences publiques
12.05.2015 // Conférences publiques

mardi 12 mai à 16h30, entrée libre, conférence en anglais

!!! Attention, conférence à l'EPFL, ProjetRoom (Foyer SG) !!!
!!! Attention, horaire spécial 16h30 !!!

José María Sánchez García is a spanish architect. Born in Badajoz, he graduated in 2002 from the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid and he founded his own office four years later. The restoration of the archeological site Temple of Diana in Merida, the center for sports innovation in Guijo de Granadilla and the rowing center in Alange are among his most important projects. His work has been widely published and at the same time his practice has gained international recognition: BSI Swiss architectural award in 2014, AR+D Architecture Review Awards in 2009, among other prizes. He is also associate professor in architecture at ETSAM.

organisation : Studio EAST (EPFL-Section d’Architecture)