Architecture without content

17, 21, 22, 28 et 29 décembre 2019

Architecture Without Content started as a study of the big box. It now ends as an exercise in form and classicism. 

The last semester at EPFL was our own epilogue. We completed the set, and contemplated the potential of each of the incarnations collected here. 
The exhibition at Forum des Architectures shows everything of Architecture Without Content, plus 23 projects for a school for architecture that starts from there.

Architecture Without Content was always interested in an architecture that is reduced to its perimeter.
Architecture Without Content is difficult, troubled, realistic and conscious. It always tries to figure out where the project happens. 
Architecture Without Content embraced the Big Box, Venturi, Bramante, Schinkel, everything American and Technicolor skies…

Ultimately, we always had the desire to (re)define and perhaps to revive the tools of our practice.
It’s impossible to know whether we succeeded. Now, we know that journey is over. Thank you.

Horaires d’ouvertures:

17.12: 19h00 Book Launch + round table

21.12: 12h00-18h00

22.12: 12h00-18h00

28.12: 12h00-18h00

29.12: 12h00-18h00

graphiste Joris Kritis 

Sponsor Campari

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